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Pride month: How gaming hardware brands are showing support

Pride month is just in (June). Here’s how the top gaming hardware brands (and gaming brands in general) are showing their support and helping spread awareness for the cause.

The pride month marks an important cause. We need to promote the self-affirmation of the LGBTQ community and make the world a friendlier and safer place for everyone’s benefit. Pride is the opposite of stigma and shame. Let’s lend a hand and spread the awareness.

NZXT wishes everyone a happy Pride Month with this graphic.

This is how Twitch is celebrating the LGBTQIA+ creators that show up live on the platform without fear.

They’ve also featured the platform’s leading LGBTQ+ creators to look out for.

Meanwhile, SteelSeries has launched limited edition celebratory speaker plates for pride. These are Arctis Pro Speaker plates (compatible with Arctis Pro, Arctic Pro + GameDAC, as well as Arctic Pro Wireless) and all the earnings will go to the Trevor Project, a leading organization that provides suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ youth.

Shop link (unaffiliated): Arctis Pro Speaker Plates – For Pride

This also reminds us of NZXT’s fundraised for the Trevor Project. They have a bunch of merchandise like these:

Logitech G (the gaming arm of Logitech), meanwhile, has come up with a standard yet equally powerful medium of communication to its followers. “Diversity makes us stronger”. Amen!

Brand logos have also changed, especially on Instagram and sometimes on Twitter.

Logitech G
CD Projekt Red

Other notable brands:

SqaureEnix store promotion.

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