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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Cheats for Xbox

Say halo to the cheats.

Here are all the ways to have even more fun in The Master Chief.

Red vs. Blue Easter Egg

Load up an Assault game mode on any Halo 2 Anniversary map. Pick up the bomb and hurl it off the map, then repeat until a new message appears on the top of the bomb, which should be a Spartan Mark VI helmet, a + symbol, and an outline of Texas with a star on Austin, and the result is a heart. <3

Angry Mode in Halo 2

Go till you reach the first outdoor region with dirt and plants while you are the Master Chief seeking to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City. As soon as you enter the area, turn right and race up the wall past the gravity lift to the sniper spot. Ascend the dirt mound on your left to the top of the wall. Follow the wall until you reach the “Angry” floating skull. This skull causes foes to fire more quickly.

Hold 3 Pistols in Halo 2

First Go to a level like fringes where you can grab three pistols. Pick up a firearm. Switch to your second weapon and select a dual weapon, such as two SMGs. Pick up a different pistol by pressing x. You have a pistol in both your secondary and primary slots now. You can now go get a third pistol and place it in your left hand (Press Y to do this). You’ll be able to get up to 144 AMMO! With three, 96 ammo is available, however, with two, just 49 ammo is available.

Infinite Camo in Halo 2

While in active camo mode, proceed through a checkpoint after getting the envy skull. To be safe, use “reset to the last checkpoint” to double-check that you did everything correctly. To disable envy mode, save and exit the game, then switch off the Xbox. When you reload your file, you’ll discover that you have unlimited camo.

Through Xbox Live, you can play Halo 2: Multiplayer Map- Foundation.

Bungie has decided to make the multiplayer map available to anyone who joins Xbox Live. As soon as you attempt to sign on, you will be asked for an update. The update will unlock the map, improve support for 480p displays, and reduce matchmaking wait times.

Overloading items on the map in Halo 2

In many of the Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps, it is possible to overload specific items. By overloading, we mean completely deleting it from the map. Almost anything that isn’t tied to the map itself can be overloaded. Please keep in mind that this appears to require at least 8 additional people to work.

Zanzibar is the most straightforward example. You can knock down a bridge to gain access to the sword on the enormous spinning wheel. Run to the end of the bridge, where it is squared off, and knock it down. You and your teammates should huddle together in the corner as close as possible and stare down at your feet. As long as everyone is gazing down, the bridge should fill up and vanish. For the rest of the game/round, it will be gone.

This overloading glitch can also be used on Midship (on the floating platform) and Headlong (there are two places in Headlong … the hanging construction beam and the hanging platform right next to the beam … however, you may need around 12 others to overload that platform). There could be more on other maps, so good luck!

Skip the difficult Brute combat before the end boss in Halo 2.

When you’re flying around in the Banshee throughout the last level, and you’re helping your ally. If you are still in the Banshee after the door is blown open, you can skip straight to the final boss sequence. Fly to the right of the control center building and aim towards the bottom right. If you get close enough, a white screen will appear, signifying that the cutscene has begun. When it’s finished, you’ll be at the final boss without having to fight your way there.

Unlimited Sword Ammo in Halo 2

This is something you can accomplish in any two-part Campaign task (i.e. Outskirts and Metropolis). You’ll start the following level with a sword that has limitless ammo if you finish the first level of the two-part quest with a sword that has no ammo. The sword does not appear when you arm it, but it still makes all of the sound effects and behaves like a normal sword.

Requirements for Par Score

Completing the missions below with a score higher than the given numbers will get you a bonus. Play on the Heroic or Legendary difficulty setting, and activate as many scoring sculls as possible. Melee attacks, headshots, killing sprees, and many kills can all help you get a higher score.

Halo 2

  • Cairo Station: 25,000
  • Delta Halo: 25,000
  • Gravemind: 25,000
  • High Charity: 25,000
  • Metropolis: 25,000
  • Outskirts: 25,000
  • Quarantine Zone: 25,000
  • Regret: 25,000
  • Sacred Icon: 25,000
  • The Arbiter: 25,000
  • The Great Journey: 25,000
  • The Oracle: 25,000
  • Uprising: 25,000

Halo 3

  • Cortana: 25,000
  • Crow’s Nest: 25,000
  • Floodgate: 25,000
  • Halo: 25,000
  • Sierra 117: 25,000
  • The Ark: 25,000
  • The Covenant: 25,000
  • The Storm: 25,000
  • Tvaso Highway: 25,000

Halo 4

  • Composer: 25,000
  • Dawn: 25,000
  • Forerunner: 25,000
  • Infinity: 25,000
  • Midnight: 25,000
  • Reclaimer: 25,000
  • Requiem: 25,000
  • Shutdown: 25,000

Specifications for Par-Time

Within the time limit, complete the missions listed below. This can be accomplished by playing on the easy difficulty setting, skipping over unneeded engagements, and not using any Skull Modifiers.

Halo 1

  • Pillar of Autumn: 15:00 minutes
  • Halo: 20:00 minutes
  • Truth and Reconciliation: 20:00 minutes
  • Silent Cartographer: 15:00 minutes
  • Assault on the Control Room: 15:00 minutes
  • 343 Guilty Spark: 15:00 minutes
  • The Library: 25:00 minutes
  • Two Betrayals: 20:00 minutes
  • Keyes: 15:00 minutes
  • The Maw: 15:00 minutes

Halo 2

  • Cairo Station: 15:00 minutes
  • Outskirts: 15:00 minutes
  • Metropolis: 15:00 minutes
  • The Arbiter: 15:00 minutes
  • The Oracle: 25:00 minutes
  • Delta Halo: 15:00 minutes
  • Regret: 15:00 minutes
  • Sacred Icon: 15:00 minutes
  • Quarantine Zone: 15:00 minutes
  • Gravemind: 20:00 minutes
  • Uprising: 15:00 minutes
  • High Charity: 15:00 minutes
  • The Great Journey: 15:00 minutes

Halo 3

  • Sierra 117: 15:00 minutes
  • Crow’s Nest: 20:00 minutes
  • Tvaso Highway: 20:00 minutes
  • The Storm: 15:00 minutes
  • Floodgate: 15:00 minutes
  • The Ark: 20:00 minutes
  • The Covenant: 20:00 minutes
  • Cortana: 15:00 minutes
  • Halo: 20:00 minutes

Halo 4

  • Dawn: 15:00 minutes
  • Requiem: 15:00 minutes
  • Forerunner: 20:00 minutes
  • Infinity: 25:00 minutes
  • Reclaimer: 20:00 minutes
  • Shutdown: 20:00 minutes
  • Composer: 20:00 minutes
  • Midnight: 25:00 minutes

Permanent Cloak

If you’re playing Halo 2 Anniversary as the Arbiter. A cloak is a good option. Then move to classic mode and cloak there as well. Switch back to Halo 2 Anniversary and you’ve got yourself a permanent cloak.

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