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How do I Improve my Gaming Ambiance?

Gaming is not just another activity in your day. Chances are, it means more than that. An ambiance that positively impacts your mood can make the whole experience remarkably better. And believe it or not, the added satisfaction can even help you win more or be less sad when you lose (if you play multiplayer games) and pay attention to the finer things in the single-player stories.

But how do you improve your gaming ambiance? Let’s go over a few tips.

A nice gaming desk

The first prerequisite is a nice gaming desk. Your favorite gear, lighting, and equipment are all arranged neatly all around you. Keeping things decluttered is important, as emptiness and minimalism both give a sense of wholesomeness.

If your desk isn’t set up in a way that fills you with pride, you’re doing it wrong. It should be a place you want to look at and smile.

Now, what if you only have the standard setup of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headphones? Well, fret not. Having such a minimal setup is also a great way to create a nice ambiance.

  • Two of the easiest ways to spice things up are HK keycaps for your keyboard and an RGB mousepad (or a full mat!).
  • You can invest in a headphone stand or an ambient light that has a soft glow. These “tall” things give the otherwise empty space a character.
  • LED strips can also do magic. They are cheap and can be installed all around the desk’s edge. A simple investment like this can improve the look of your battle station by a lot.

What drives you?

Your gaming den should have plenty of stuff that drives you.

Is it a poster collection of all Naruto movies? What about action figures from Middle-earth? Maybe you’d like to have a Witcher medallion hanging somewhere? Whether it’s a neon sign of your favorite game’s logo, a Pokéball, all editions of Tyson’s Dragoon Beyblades on a glass shelf, or a large poster of the Doomsguy: Having what you love around is always a boost to one’s inspiration.

You need to feel full, accomplished, and happy to improve your gaming ambiance. Don’t just limit these stage props to games or anime. Go wild!

 But how do you go wild? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Great. Here’s where to buy LEGO minifigures to add that much-needed touch of cuteness to your gaming area!

Invest in accessories

Accessories for your devices are not needed. But if you get one that you like, it can mean the world to you. Accessorizing a device adds value and character to it, not to mention it personalizes it and elevates it beyond a tool or a means to an end.

There is an accessory for every gamer. From controller grips and skins for your fancy PS5 DualSense to RGB fans for your PC case—You just need to look around a little and there’s a way to beautify everything in your gaming setup!

One thing I cannot stress enough is the need to buy high-quality. Many sellers online try to sell you flashy items that look good online but give in to wear and tear faster than you can fully soak in the wholesomeness of your new gaming ambiance.

That simply won’t do!

Comfort is key

You need to be comfortable if you are going to play for longer than an hour. Having a numb butt, tennis elbow, and a stiff back will not only hurt, but you will feel and look like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons when you are done.

Buying a great gaming chair is a good start. But it also extends beyond just that. For instance, you need a good-sized desk for PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard. And a keyboard and mouse wrist pad really helps, as does a cushion for your rear.

Here are some handy guides to help you select ergonomic and comfortable things for your gaming den: Gaming desk & chair buying guide.

final fantasy xv gladiolus dlc


It’s well-known that investing in DLCs helps you enjoy a game more. It’s like our second point about investing in accessories. What are DLCs if not accessories for games? More than just pretty skins and stickers, DLCs can improve your gaming experience in a big way.

And love it or loathe it, DLC is here to stay since it makes $5 billion per year for developers.

It’s true that some studios blatantly overcharge and under-deliver (Marvel’s Avengers) for DLC. But others really help expand the game, so it offers so much more, such as the PS5 exclusive DLC for Hogwarts Legacy and the recent excellent Buring Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West.

It’s not my place to tell you what’s good value and what’s not. I’ve spent hundreds of bucks on things I barely use in games. But some skins, expansion packs, or downloadables I’ve purchased still give me a sense of fulfillment and excitement.

Find whatever is worth every penny for you!

Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a day of playing a new game or your favorite “go-to” title, only to be interrupted. Like Gollum’s ring, time is precious. And you can have your day ruined with a shortened session.

Also, you will ruin the entire VR experience of running away from Lady Dimitrescu by having to take off your headset every 10 minutes to check something. So, turn it off, send your partner somewhere, and empty your bladder.

Having a set time to play games can be way more peaceful and fulfilling.

You pay enough for your hardware and games in money and time. So, you must enhance your gaming session to get the most. It’s only natural. How one does it differs from gamer to gamer. Quality of life is important—And investing money and effort into these things can help you get a better gaming experience.

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