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PUBG Cheats for Xbox

Easter eggs & tricks, because cheats are too expensive.

With millions of players at it every day, Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) is one of the best-selling games in the world today. PUBG has played a significant role in the gaming industry, and the popularity of the game among children and young people is growing. If you’re a PUBG player, you’re probably familiar with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner award (WWCD).

As PUBG grows in popularity, hackers are seeking ways to take advantage of the game’s capabilities, and a PUBG Mobile hack is always a threat to PUBG gamers. Hackers are aware of the PUBG Mobile hack on android and PUBG Mobile hack on iOS, regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS.

Players in the PUBG game are dropped onto the ground in groups by parachute. They can then gather various items such as firearms, grenades, backpacks, medical kits, and so on. Players can find these items by going into different residences and other locations.

The players had to stay in the safe zone at all times because other players could kill them. The players then fight it out on the battleground, with the one who survives the longest winning the prize Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The person will also receive some points, which he can use to purchase some paid equipment.

Easter Eggs with Chernobyl references

Some of the locations in PUBG were inspired by real-life tragedies like Chernobyl, the site of a nuclear tragedy in 1986.

A pool modeled on the Azure Swimming Pool, an indoor pool affected by the tragedy, may be found in the school.

The military base’s scaffolding mimics the Duga radar array, which was decommissioned following the disaster.

The dead forest could be a reference to the Red Forest, which was a forest where all of the trees died as a result of radiation. Although much of the real-life Red Forest was destroyed as part of clean-up efforts, the area remains hazardous and toxic.

Of course, the power facility, like the Chernobyl nuclear plant, has two incomplete towers. Calendars with the year 1986, which corresponds to the occurrence, can also be found inside buildings.


“NO PEW” (safe), “PEW” (semi-auto), and “PEW PEW PEW” are the options on the M416 weapon’s fire mode selector (auto).

Mini-Map of Miramar

A map can be found on a table in one of the buildings on an island east of Los Leones. This map depicts the unique names used in the developers’ first Miramar prototype map.

El Pollo es Mio

“El Pollo es Mio,” according to graffiti on a building in Miramar. This is Spanish for “the chicken is mine,” therefore it’s most likely a reference to the phrase “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” that appears when you win a game.

Some Tricks and Tips

Here are some general guidelines to help you survive and complete the game.

  • Attempt to land in a safe location. Although towns and cities are appealing, many players will choose to land there. Consider relocating to a more remote region to gather supplies and prepare.
  • Even if you don’t survive, landing in a populous place to practice combat can be worth it if you want to get some practice done.
  • A backpack, a bulletproof vest, a helmet, healing kits, and, of course, a weapon you’re comfortable with are all important stuff to keep an eye on.
  • Look for areas that are easily defendable as you go from place to place to stay in a safe region.
  • Don’t, on the other hand, remain entirely still. Any snipers who have seen you from afar might be thrown off by a small amount of movement.
  • If you can locate a boat, hiding offshore and navigating the boat to safe zones is a viable option.
  • If you put your weapon away, you’ll be able to sprint faster.
  • If you’re fleeing from opponents, zig-zag as you run to avoid being seen. Many players will abandon you once you are no longer a danger.
  • You can refuel your vehicle from inside rather than getting out of it as long as it is stopped.
  • Be cautious if you see an open door. It’s possible that someone is still inside the building or nearby. Close the door behind you as you enter a building, both to hide your presence and to let you know if someone else has entered if you see the door open later.
  • Before you begin taking objects, make sure the building is empty.
  • On the other hand, while you’re hiding nearby, consider leaving goods (particularly healing items) on the floor as bait.
  • Bridges should be avoided. Bridges pose a significant risk. If you must cross water, boats and swimming are usually the safest options.

Unfortunately, the PUBG Xbox hack is pretty extensive. Although it does not appear to be widely used, those who do enjoy a distinct edge. You can do the following with the cheat:

  • UAV that is always on the go
  • Where everyone’s eyes are drawn to
  • When someone is aiming
  • Where each piece of loot has a specific location.
  • Gamertags in general

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