Spearblade is a platform for gaming hardware talk. One hundred percent crowd-sourced and written by people who actually use the products we cover. We’re not paid to mention products and our interests are purely self-serving, since we’re also gamers too! You’ll find honest reviews, hilarious editorials, and innovative solutions to enhance your experience with a given hardware brand.

We at Spearblade pride ourselves in being the top source for unbiased and accurate hardware news. Our founding members consist of tech-minded gamers with years of hardware experience. We offer unadulterated information so you can make informed decisions.

We’ve been seeing big “brands” publishing gaming hardware reviews at an unnaturally high pace. Their testing is not from the perspective of a gamer. Their terms are archaic. Spearblade is your alternative. It gives you true information. Today, true information is power. Don’t be conned. Every hardware has its flaws, and it’s important to know about it. 

Not heroes

We’re no heroes. Anyone who cannot fix Witcher 3’s inventory system is not to be considered a hero. We, however, know our stuff. And it’s only sensible that we help others gain the same information because, with the 4 of us, it’s always been a journey of self-exploration. We’ve experimented with and broken stuff, sure, but we’ve learned a lot about hardware. 

Spearblade criticizes gaming hardware so that it can improve and real information be dispersed. 

The Spearblade team is mainly composed of 4 long-time gamers who have all reached somewhere remarkable in their gaming journey. More importantly, the project materialized when they figured out, they all had it in them to criticize and benchmark gaming hardware. One person met another in a match, another in a lobby, and even through an anime forum and well, now we’re here. The team, however, consists of more contributors who handle purchases, publishing, backend, and proofing. 

Here at Spearblade, we’ve all come to a point where whenever we search for true information regarding gaming hardware and rigs, we quickly figure out what’s borderline filler content and skip it just like a cutscene (unlike the Far Cry 4 ones). All this remaining good, meaningful research is now at your fingertips through Spearblade. 

Spearblade product reviews are like this: X is good, Y is bad. We leave the choice up to you. If X is very important for you and you can skip the drawbacks, go for it. If Y is too important, don’t go for it. Simple. 

Our testing standards

We don’t love to run benchmarking apps like 3DMark or Geekbench. We only believe in good old-fashioned trial by fire: pushing the machine to its limits by making it run games in ultra settings. Yeah, but we do keep VSync, FreeSync, or G-Sync off unless the system allows you to manipulate the resolution and take it higher than the factory maximum. 

We don’t just test on benchmark apps, run a couple of high-end games once taking no consideration of throttling, and publish our results. Gaming is a delicate business. Whether you’re a light gamer or hardcore, a lot of other details matter.

  • Which manufacturer is right for which budget, game genre, and person when it comes to the monitor or gaming machine hardware?
  • How ergonomically designed is the keyboard and how does the laptop function when heated?
  • How close can you take the GPU to its theoretical limit after overclocking?
  • Can you receive your pizza order right through the screen or do you still have to get up and walk to the door? 

We’re gamers and the stuff that matters when you’re hard at it should not be ignored in any review. 

Writing and publishing

The easiest way to stay on top of gaming hardware. Spearblade is the fastest way to find new tech, read in-depth detail, and find honest opinions about gaming hardware. With Spearblade, you can even share your opinions for others to read!

Spearblade strives to deliver useful and timely information about hardware related to gaming. We believe that hardware is constantly evolving and what’s relevant yesterday may not be relevant today, so we’ll set our goal in staying ahead of the curve. We’re gamers too, who share our passions with you.

You wanted a place to talk about all things hardware – gaming, VR and otherwise. Look no further: you’re at the right place. Spearblade is your authoritative resource for all things gaming hardware.

We make hardware talk easy for you. You’ll find no fluff and nonsense here, only articles about hardware that we use ourselves and think is worth including in the Spearblade catalogue of products.

The kids are going crazy for this platform thing. But what is it? Is it a console? How can I get one? Does it play games? Spearblade might be able to answer that…

The PC is a truly remarkable machine that’s only gotten better with every new generation of gaming hardware and it’s getting even more powerful all the time. That makes it an attractive platform for gaming, and we have a slew of great titles for you to play on the system, but to get the most out of it you need some great hardware. We review new gaming hardware as soon as it hits the market to give you up-to-date recommendations on what you can add to your rig.

We are here to help you understand what hardware matters most. We cover how platforms improve from one generation to the next, and set you up for success. We offer tips on buying hardware and how to get the most out of it.

Meet the 4 founders

Lydia Miller

Lydia has not always been fascinated by games especially when they include gruesome violence. But she’s always been infected with the bug of strategy gaming. Competitive strategy gaming? Now that’s just way better. She likes to stream her misplays often on Twitch. Her specialization on Spearblade includes the news section.

Earl ‘sl0th’ Richards

Earl is a big-time FPS lover. Since his childhood, he has found peace amid the sounds of bullets and explosions. Currently a Legendary Eagle Master in CS:GO, he fails to believe anything can be superior to his beloved title. He’s recently got his shooting skills more versatile by becoming quite the professional in Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch as well.


ShadowPanda lurks in the shadows, eats atop the trees. Well, not really. Shadow is a cat-lover with 12 cute little kitties currently. He likes to spend his time by either drawing concept art of imaginary characters, debating in Reddit threads regarding the practicality of indoor golf, or fry some brains in the best landscapes the entire hack and slash genre has to offer. He likes quantity above quality when it comes to games and hey, we don’t judge!

Shane ‘Raven’ Watson

An advocate of the immense superiority of the Legendarium over any other worldbuilding fiction, Raven is an MMORPG gamer in his free time when he’s not reviewing and criticizing machines and their performances.

Other writers and contributors

This is a list of all people who selflessly contribute to the Spearblade project so it can grow.

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn, otherwise known as “0lyn” informally, is a backseat gamer. She’d rather teach someone how they missed an opportunity or how to better pace through a game than play the game herself. It’s not the fear of the collapse of her authority, one that she’s made after countless hours, she affirms.

Santiago Vargas

Santiago is a humble gamer from Peru who brings in the much needed breathing space amid all the hardware talk here at Spearblade. We liked his blog so much that we had to onboard him. You’ll find Santiago publishing game-related articles, sometimes with a focus on hardware, as that’s the bread and butter of Spearblade.

Emiel Willis

Computer shop owner and PC mechanic for 10+ years in Salt Lake City, UT, Emiel has learned building computers by breaking stuff, a lot. Emiel writes short, casual pieces, necessary to keep things a little lighthearted here. In his free time, he likes to take hardware apart and those become product reviews on Spearblade. His favorite TV show is Mr. Robot.

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