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Last updated: May 28, 2022

“We,” “the platform,” and “the website,” mean Spearblade – which can be accessed from

What is Spearblade?

It is vital to first understand what Spearblade is.

Spearblade is a platform to discuss all things gaming hardware. We are an emagazine where authors (not employees) publish opinions, commentary, reviews, guides, explanations, tutorials, technical guides, and so on.

It is equally important to understand what Spearblade is NOT, in order to make better sense of the Website Usage Disclaimer.

  • Spearblade does not sell products or services.
  • Spearblade is not a news website.
  • Spearblade is not affiliated with any game studio, hardware manufacturer, PC or accessories store, or any other company.
  • Spearblade is not an official resource from any company.

Please note that Spearblade is a platform where textual and visual content is provided “as is” without any warranty, with any defects or errors. We are not liable for any damages that may occur from your usage of the content present on the platform. It is better to imagine Spearblade as a community of like-minded gaming, gaming hardware, and PC enthusiasts who like to discuss and publish their opinions without strict supervision or heavy editing.

We have certain standards for fact-checking, authoring, researching, proofreading, etc. but we do not claim to have a perfect system that publishes only 100% factually or otherwise accurate content. As such, you are meant to use the information available on the platform at your own risk, or discontinue usage of the platform at once.

Affiliate links in the articles

We have affiliate links on some of the articles. Such articles provide a notice or disclaimer before they begin. Affiliate links mean links to products on marketplaces such as Amazon. When you are reading about a product on the platform and the matter includes an affiliate link to a marketplace (as would be clarified before you begin reading), we might earn a commission on any purchase you make on said marketplace if you follow said link.

Advertising on the platform

We display ads on our platform. These ads help us monetize the content we publish, which is money that ultimately gets used to pay the contributors, pay the hosting provider, pay the domain registrar, pay the other talents associated with the smooth running of the platform, and the like.

Paid or sponsored product or service reviews

We do NOT write paid or sponsored product or service reviews.

You must read our privacy policy & terms and conditions

If you have more questions regarding Affiliate links and Advertising, our Privacy Policy will answer all your questions. The second important agreement to go through before you use our platform is our Terms and Conditions agreement.

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