All about gaming hardware

All about gaming hardware

No-nonsense true information for gamers, by gamers. We specialize in covering gaming hardware topics, such as gaming components like video cards and processors; PC gaming discussions; gaming accessories like gaming monitors, gaming mice, and so on; gaming laptops; and games. Spearblade prizes itself on authoring information that’s accurate. We’re not afraid to reflect the community’s opinions. We criticize gaming hardware so it can improve.

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GPU, processor, RAM, storage, cooling, and more.

Gaming desktops and all that’s holy.

Discussions about gaming hardware in general.

Optimizing gaming for laptop devices.

Demystifying monitor lingo the right way.

Discussing games through guides and tips.

Gaming components

Discussing components is a vital part of any gamer’s life. Every decision feels stressful without proper and clear information regarding every aspect of gaming components. And we understand that. Here you will find accurate information that guides you towards the right direction. Do your research thoroughly before making any purchase decisions.

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General gaming

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6 Tips to Staying Safe Online in 2023 as Gamers

Gamers are PC users too at the end of the day. As part of our effort in protecting you online, we routinely publish guides to ensure a hassle-free online gaming experience. Let’s look into some tips that can help you stay safe online.

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PC gaming

If you don’t like the coolest towers (both literally and figuratively) and the best framerates, you’re at the wrong place.

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Building a Cheap Gaming PC: 1080p@60 in $500-740

We’ll build a sub-$1000 PC in this article. Including the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset, you’re looking at a cost of $700 (fully used) to $1,100 (fully new). You can also mix and match, so the total cost will be under $1,100 in most cases. There are also additional tips to bring down the cost further, taking you to $740 max.

Gaming laptops

May the Force be with you, and may the chassis not melt. If you’re a gamer who worries about the battery life of a gaming laptop, you’re no gamer.

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Gaming monitors

No more getting fooled by branding monikers and marketing lingo. True information regarding gaming monitors is right here. A good gaming monitor can increase the impact of the game, and we’ll try our best to deliver knowledge that will help you make the best choices.

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Game talk

This corner on Spearblade is dedicated to discussing games and addressing the pain points and common questions of gamers. Just trying to help gamers out with our two cents stuffed in. It’s hard to discuss gaming hardware without covering the games themselves, or so we have found.

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Gaming news

Gamer’s dictionary

Here are some helpful guides for common gamer terms.

What is Spearblade?

Spearblade publishes stories, articles, commentary, news, reviews, and opinions by independent writers. We discuss, mainly, gaming hardware such as video cards (GPUs), processors (CPUs), RAMs, cooling, storage; gaming monitors; gaming laptops; gaming equipment; gaming components; gaming gear; and more. The general articles on Spearblade talk about gaming on desktops in general.

New video games, PS4 and Xbox gaming, PC gaming troubleshooting, in-game guidance – you name it. You’ll find plenty of content on Spearblade regarding niche topics ranging from liquid cooling to ray tracing, and we leave no stone unturned in doing our research and mentioning the technicalities.

Carefully disposing all the marketing lingo from our hardware talk while keeping it all simple, straightforward, and somewhat technical – we build content around the core value of true information. It’s more than likely that you’ll find the answer to a problem or help on a matter very quickly when you read an article on Spearblade. We don’t beat around the bush. We don’t write for the robots. We keep it simple and real.

Of course, we also have a gaming section. You’ll find us talking about console games, PC games, and sometimes even smartphone games. We don’t do game reviews or walkthroughs, however.

You should know that you will find help, guidance, answers, and news for all leading manufacturers, designers, and brands in the gaming hardware industry including Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. Not just that. You’ll find content around products from nearly every brand that matters in our space, Razer, Fractal Design, be quiet!, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, EVGA, NZXT, Western Digital, ASRock, MSI Gaming, ASUS, Gigabyte, Crucial, G.Skill, Corsair, Xbox, PlayStation, and on and on.

We know that gamers aren’t just on Windows desktops. Just as the entire gaming community is diverse – spread across operating systems (Linux and MacOS are also covered here) and devices (consoles, laptops, smartphones – you name it), the Spearblade authors community is also pretty diverse when it comes to expertise and knowledge.

Stuck about some terms related to something specific? Resolution, comparisons, thermal paste, refresh rates, response times, cases/chassis, rig design, motherboards, BIOS settings, APUs, iGPUs, G-Sync and FreeSync, or something entirely different? Don’t worry. Spearblade is here to help.

We also deal specifically in publishing content around product ranges such as GeForce, Radeon, RTX series, RX series, FE cards, Anniversary Edition cards.