Gaming Hardware Criticism

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In-depth & dependable advice on all critical hardware components that make a gaming device tick—GPU, CPU, RAM, cooling, storage, power supplies, and so on.


Hobby, passion, or necessity—Whatever desktop PC gaming is for you, we have the knowledge to make it rightfully glorious.

Video Games

The melting pot of games from all genres. True & to the point! Whether it’s the vast expanse of an open world or the bleeding edge of esports, we cover it.


The world of software, drivers, OS, tools, third-party apps, etc. doesn’t need to overwhelm. We simplify so you can focus on your games and not what’s wrong.


Good gamers deserve good games and excellent gaming hardware. That’s why our meticulous & finely calibrated reviews with actionable intelligence.


Gamer’s guide to keyboards, mice, headsets, tables, chairs, lighting, speakers, ambiance, and so much more. Professional peripherals & equipment analyses.


Appraising gaming laptop hardware and performance professionally so you can make better buying, technical, and care decisions about your laptops.


PlayStation, Xbox, handheld consoles, and gaming smartphones—As long as it can help a single gamer, we are willing to cover a topic!


Gaming displays and screens can be quite confusing. We decode the lingo and help you build a better understanding of monitors for gaming.