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How to Optimize Your Android Phone For Gaming

Each year we see more and more triple-A titles come to mobile devices. Call of Duty has produced mobile games for nearly a decade while PUBG and Fortnite are close behind. Assassins Creed recently came to mobile, and we expect many more to follow not too far in the future.

Mobile gaming is insanely popular in some parts of the world, particularly Asian countries like India or Bangladesh where console and PC gaming are more of a luxury. Everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone can afford an epic gaming PC alongside it. So, many people game on their phones, which caused a surge in popularity and convinced gaming companies to invest in mobile gaming. 

There are many benefits to gaming on your phone – convenience is one thing – but these devices usually have loads of drawbacks. It’s typically a lot harder to play games when tapping your phone screen, though what if you optimize your device for gaming? This is far easier than you think, and here’s how you do it. Keep in mind the tips below are for Android smartphones!

Buy a Mobile Gaming Controller

This is essential for any wannabe mobile gamer. You can buy a mobile gaming controller that attaches to your device and turns it into a portable console. It’ll be like using a Nintendo Switch, only you have access to all the games on your phone. Instead of tapping the screen or using horrible on-screen controls to navigate the game, you use buttons and joysticks. We’d go as far as to say that, if you only do one of the things on this list, make sure it’s this one! 

Adjust the Screen’s Refresh Rate

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Every Android device will have a screen refresh rate setting that can be tweaked depending on which phone you’ve bought. Many of them will let you choose between standard and adaptive. The standard refresh rate is automatically selected and may give you up to 60 Hz, which is terrible for gaming. It can give you some frame rate lag that ruins the experience. Switch the screen rate to adaptive – or select the highest refresh rate if your phone allows – and it’ll be more suitable for gaming. This will drain the battery faster, but we’ve got another solution to this later on. 

Install a VPN

Navigate to the Google Play Store and search for a VPN to download on your phone. If you have to pay to use it, then it is completely worth it. A VPN keeps your phone more secure when you’re gaming online, but it also lets you access game libraries from different countries. This can expand your game offerings, giving you more things to play when you’re bored! 

Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode

This might be called different things across various Android devices, but the Do No Disturb mode will block any notifications from appearing on your device until deactivated. Some Samsung phones and other manufacturers have dedicated gaming settings to let you switch notifications off only while you’re playing games. You’ll find all of these options in the settings if you search for them. Either way, ensure you’ve turned on a mode that stops notifications from popping up and disrupting your gaming. You can play in peace without worrying about a phone call getting in the way or a spam email ruining your streak.

Get the Right Accessories

We mentioned that using a higher frame rate will drain your battery, so you need a portable battery charger to help you out during long gaming sessions. If you’re at home, you can simply plug your phone into its charger as you lay in bed or sit on the sofa. However, if you’re gaming on the train and start to lose battery, a portable charger hooks you up with extra juice. 

To stamp down the mobile gaming experience, consider purchasing a good gaming headset. If you mainly game at home, think about buying one with a microphone. If not, get one with great noise-canceling features so you hear the game and not everything else around you. 

Close All Other Apps

No matter how powerful your phone is, it’ll lag like crazy if you try to play a game with dozens of other apps open. Even if an app runs in the background, it uses precious processing power. Before you start playing, close all other apps so the game is the only thing running. It’ll allow for a far smoother experience. 

When these tips are followed, an Android phone can become a serious portable gaming console. If more and more big games come to mobile devices, there’ll be a big debate about whether phones are the best portable game consoles out there today! 

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