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Who is the Best Companion in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds is a massive game. Selecting the right Companions will be a great help as the game progresses. There are six Companions to choose from, all with their rich characters. To fully capitalize on the enjoyment and fun that the adventures and tasks provide in The Outer Worlds, you have to make this decision after much thought put into it. It’s almost as if we’re choosing our starter Pokémon all over again!

I don’t like the fact that you can only take two Companions on each adventure, but well. Why put thought into this, by the way?

Because choosing proper Companions won’t just increase your survival rate but allow you to improve your gaming experience in general.

Here are the Companions listed from best to not best:

  1. Parvati
  2. Ellie
  3. Nyoka
  4. Vicar Max
  5. Felix
  6. SAM

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Parvati is simply the best character to be around throughout the game. She’ll be awed at the mesmerizing beauty of the world. Sure, she hails from a small town, but over time, she’ll grow into a trustworthy Companion that you’ll feel your second-in-command, even when she’s left out. Parvati will make the game more memorable for you.

She’s the first Companion you’ll meet. For tasks that require many items and engineering, she’s a perfect choice. She’s great at fighting as well. Overall a complete package for all situations.

  • Parvati’s Overload is exceptionally powerful. It shocks all enemies and stuns automechanicals around her hammer.
  • +10 engineering and +25% tactical time dilation are game-changing.
  • Enchanted Evening increases food and drinks effects by 25%, which makes you very versatile.

Other information about Parvati:

  • Engineer recruited from Edgewater. Quest: Stranger in a Strange Land.
  • Parvati’s questline is composed of traveling around the entire system.
  • Maximum levels:
    • Persuade: 74
    • Lockpick: 84
    • Engineering: 88



Pirate doctor Ellie! She has a good character with a tad bit of pessimism and a whole lot more dry humor. She’s always looking for adventure and is fun to interact with. As a healer, she is very beneficial in all combat situations.

Recruiting Ellie can be difficult. Her tricky talking and lying can get you around many situations. Health recovery, defensive fight, and sound engineering will all make her a good Companion.

  • Quick Draw makes Ellie a threatening presence in combat.
  • +20% Heal and 25% health recovery when fatally wounded – both her perks allow you to sustain in the battle for longer.
  • Beyond the Grave makes the cost of bribes half (-50%).

More information about Ellie:

  • Medic recruited from Groundbreaker. Quest: Worst Contact.
  • Ellie’s arc unfolds in Byzantium, the capital city on Terra 2, through the quest The Low Crusade where you start with meeting her parents.
  • Maximum levels:
    • Lie: 74
    • Medical: 84
    • Engineering: 77



Nyoka is the last Companion you can recruit. She’s great to have a conversation with. Her love for booze and fire makes her quite the powerful Companion on any adventure.

  • Barrage allows Nyoka to set her enemies ablaze, which is as effective as cool it sounds.
  • -20% footstep sound radius can help you sneak up on your enemies.
  • +20 damage to creatures is also handy on numerous adventures.
  • The Crew allows her to have a +10% chance to deal critical damage against creatures.

More information about Nyoka:

  • Heavy weapons expert recruited from Stellar Bay. Quest: Passion Pills.
  • Nyoka’s quest follows travel to and from Scylla.
  • Maximum levels:
    • Lie: 74
    • Medical: 77
    • Sneak: 86

Vicar Max


I still remember finding Max to be the most “wholesome” Companion on The Outer Worlds initially. He quickly runs out of utility but is great early on. Very cool-minded, he’s very useful for beginners. His quest is also one of the best Companion quests.

  • His ability Trickshot is a great damage source.
  • +10 Hack.
  • +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration and +20% Science Weapon Damage, both of which are very useful early on.
  • Tuned In allows drug effects to linger for 50% longer.

More information about Vicar Max:

  • Hacker recruited from Edgewater. Quest: The Illustrated Manual.
  • His quest will take you to numerous planets through The Empty Man Companion quest.
  • Maximum levels:
    • Intimidate: 77
    • Hack: 81
    • Science: 81



Felix is good in combat. His character might come off as slightly irritating, but that’s not his fault as he was “just a lonely orphan kid” who’s always been neglected. Felix adds a bonus to persuasion, so he can be handy in the early parts of the game.

Rolling with Felix can help you discover new items and locations.

  • Felix’s ability is Dropkick. It’s a handy ability and deals a decent amount of damage.
  • +10 Persuade is great for dialog checks.
  • +20 damage to Cowering Enemies and Corporate Military.
  • Self Governed enables Felix to do +50% post armor damage to Corporate Military.

More information about Felix:

  • Melee fighter from Groundbreaker. No special quest needed to recruit Felix, just talk to him on the docks.
  • His quest will take you to Scylla (Friendship’s Due).
  • Maximum levels:
    • Persuade: 81
    • Lockpick: 80
    • Sneak: 77



The thing that puts me off about SAM is that it’s not a character but a robot. Nothing against robots, and he’s very handy in many situations, but in general when comparing all the six Companions, I simply can’t come to terms with recommending SAM for your adventures.

Additionally, you cannot equip armor and weapons on SAM. This means he’s not very versatile in combat later on.

  • SAM’s ability is Decontaminate. Cleaning those tough stains has never been easier.
  • +10 Intimidate.
  • -20% Negative Reputation Kill and +20 Damage to Automechanicals.
  • Clean Sweep helps you remove harmful status effects 25% faster.

As I started the list with “best to not best” Companions, you have to understand that SAM isn’t the worst of the lot.

More information on SAM:

  • Automechanic that’s already on the Unreliable.
  • Go to the 2nd floor and begin The Cleaning Machine to allow it to join the crew.
  • Maximum levels:
    • Intimidate: 89
    • Hack: 80
    • Science: 80

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