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How to Solve Jindosh Riddle and Lock in Dishonored 2?

You face the Jindosh Riddle and Lock when you pass through Mission 6 in Dishonored 2. Proceeding further requires solving the riddle. The greatest inventor of Karnaca has made this lock puzzle. While setting the way for Mission 6 where you need to activate Aramis Stilton’s, to go there, you must solve the Jindosh Riddle and Lock.

The puzzle in itself is a logic grid puzzle. You can gradually determine proper relationship among the various words and symbols.

Jindosh Riddle is a combination lock. Logical deduction is the best way to solve the Jindosh Riddle and Lock. You have to match a series of names to symbols that represent items. Trying random combinations will be extremely boring. Here’s how you actually do it:

The concept

  1. Countess Contee wore white.
  2. The woman in white was drinking whiskey.
  3. The whiskey-drinking woman had the War Medal.

This means that Countess Contee had the War Medal.

Logical deduction is the basis of the Jindosh Riddle and Lock.

The context of the Jindosh Riddle solution in Dishonored 2

dust district in dishonored 2

To solve the Riddle of the Jindosh lock, the first thing is to know about it. The context by which the Karanaca’s inventor has made the door is in its past. To know the past, you have to fulfil a mission.

As you are in the Dust district currently, you may have seen the rivalry of Overseers and Howler Gangs. Both of them are seeking the head of the opponent team’s leader. You can use this opportunity. Go to any leader and kill him. Bring the dead body to his rival gang leader, it will open the path for you to know the past of the Jindosh Riddle and Lock. But it has risks too to get beaten. If you want to avoid fighting then there are some other ways as well.

There are two best ways to find a solution to the door.

One is searching for the howler agent who knows everything about the door. After getting instructions from him, you have to search for keys all over the village. Thus, you can solve the riddle.

Another solution is solving the door riddle by using your intelligence. Let’s see how we can solve the riddle of the Jindosh Riddle.

How to solve Jindosh Riddle and Lock with intelligence?

Given you don’t want to solve it the other way, solving it with intelligence is your only remaining option.

If you look at the door very closely, you can find out a series of names and symbols on it. The lock is made using many combinations. Look at the right side of the door where you can find it. The inventor has left some clues to solve it.

Keep in mind that if you’re searching for a quick solution to the riddle, then you’re out of luck. The inventor has conveniently set different lock riddles for each Jindosh Door. So, the riddle you are solving won’t match with another player.

The question then is, is it possible to solve the riddle by yourself? Yes. Here are some tips.

  • If you have spent your leisure time solving puzzles or if you have studied for LSAT then solving these puzzles will be real fun. These are not too tough. Everything is within the words. The word itself has the clue to the answer. For example, what color is next to which or what is the relationship between two people, and so on. Sometimes these common household games will help to get the answers.
  • Dishonored 2 is nothing less than a competitive exam’s logical questioning part. If you are a master on the logical grids, you can solve the relational questions properly. Drawing a chart or drawing a diagram to understand the parallel answers of the same words will help you to reach the ears quickly.
  • You might want to take the help of a dictionary for some words.

In conclusion

It might take a long time. Sometimes, it might not even be worth solving at all when it takes more than the time it would take to scan the entire Dust district. However, if you absolutely want to avoid the risky missions in the Dust district then solving it with logical deduction is an ideal option.

Solving the Jindosh Riddle will be satisfactory for the player and you can receive a Eureka.

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