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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Tips for Beginners

Exploring Koholint with all its beauty, charisma, and deadly traps is a joy like no other. It’s an exciting game full of pleasant surprises. Surviving on Koholint, however, isn’t for the faint of the heart, or the uninitiated. That’s why you need to know a few things before you’re truly prepared for the journey.

Note that we aren’t talking about the original 1993 game here but the 2019 Nintendo Switch remake – the first overhead perspective Zelda game that allows Link to jump.

The phone booths help you avoid getting lost

A call never hurt anyone.

The time surely comes when the new player doesn’t see the destination so clearly anymore. All is confusion. Understanding the island is a nightmare. Well, know that it’s only a common peril early on.

The complexity of this game makes for interesting twists and turns. Nevertheless, having a good idea or clue is tough, even for the more seasoned. That’s why the phone booths are there to help.

These booths are scattered all over the island. In this Legend of Zelda, Link can talk to Ulrika using these booths, who’s always ready to give guidance. If you need any suggestion regarding the next step – find a booth and call Ulrika up.

Search thoroughly for heart pieces

Unlike the GB/GBC version, this game has a whopping total of 32 heart pieces scattered throughout the map.

Restoring health is taken for granted in Link’s Awakening. As a result, it’s common to not try hard to find more of them. The game allows players to recover their health by collecting heart pieces. Scattered here and there, collecting 4 of these will increase your life level another step.

Don’t miss out on a single space to search for heart pieces.

Collect seashells to make Koholint weapons

Many seashells are hidden in secret locations.

Seashells are also a crucial part of this game. Seashells are scattered all over Koholint Island like phone booths and heart pieces. You need to collect a certain number of seashells to get the seashell sensor.

The sensor will be available at the Seashells Mansion. Collect your seashells and go to the mansion to exchange them. The most powerful weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Koholint Sword, is also available at the mansion. The Koholint Sword can increase the probability of your victory by a lot.

The shop has exciting weapons

The shovel and bow are free.

It helps to make it a habit to visit the shop frequently. The shop has special importance. It offers a shovel and a bow to new players. The shovel can be used to search for the hidden seashells whereas the bow helps you pass through the eighth dungeon.

There’s also the bomb available at the shop.

Always keep your eye on the sale list.

Warp points to travel faster

The Warp Stone can be used to activate warp travel.

Traveling from one end to the other takes a lot of time. And soon enough, you’ll quickly start to grow frustrated at this. The only possible way to make the travel swifter is to use warp points or portals.

Some of these portals (out of total 10) will be discovered in due course but others are secretly hidden and require special items.

Whenever you visit a new place to face its challenges, search around and perhaps you’ll find a warp stone. This place will then become instantly available to you without needing to walk all the way back.

Select dungeon for both offense and defense

Blue items are defensive while red ones offensive.

Selecting a dungeon color depends on which one you want to tackle. Once you complete the third dungeon, you will be able to see both the red and the blue dungeons. The blue dungeon provides you defense while the red one gives you offense.

Learn the Ocarina songs

Learning Ocarina songs is important. It is also the cutest thing you’ll see today.

There are three Ocarina songs in the game. All of them are extremely useful. The method to obtain (or learn) these songs is very specific, though you’ll find all about all three songs in due course.

However, if you want a shortcut, I recommend reading IGN’s article on learning all three Ocarina songs.

Trendy Game is a shop you must visit

Trendy Game is a shop full of minigames. Here, you can buy things by playing minigames. Yoshi Doll will be the first player to play. Play with her and earn the rewards so that you can exchange them for items in the shop.

Earn extra rewards with fishing

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has a fishing module using which you can earn some extra rewards. Though there’s no proper application of fishing – fulfilling certain tasks will give you ample rewards.

Hopefully, Link’s Awakening will be a beautiful experience

Of course, there’s always more stuff to talk about. The Legend of Zelda is an amazing game and its 2019 installment even more so. It can take a while to get used to everything and know your way around, but the time will be worth it.

Bonus tip. Almost all the points mentioned here such as warp points, seashells, heart pieces, color dungeons, etc. are well-researched by other players. It’s almost too easy to find location maps or guides for these aspects of the game. So, in case you find yourself struggling for one of the things above, feel free to research it on the internet.

I hope I’ve lent you a hand. Happy journeying!

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