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ARK: Survival Evolved—5 Things Every Player Needs to Know

ARK: Survival Evolved might be somewhat confusing for a rookie. The ARK games are undeniably developing quite fast. An animated series is also now in the works. ARK: Survival Evolved can be pretty frustrating for many.

With no instruction, getting started can be difficult. Even though it’s funny on YouTube, dying every 30 seconds can become redundant very quickly. While minor adjustments may be made, where is the pleasure in that? This article lists the 5 essentials that every player must know to tiptoe around the common frustrations packed in the ARK world.

#1. Designing a character

Character customization allows for the creation of all sorts of bizarre and wonderful body parts, and while having short arms or legs will not hinder you, having a character who is extremely tall, extremely wide, or relatively small will have an impact on certain aspects of the game, such as visibility.

All of the characters will start with bald heads, so don’t be concerned if you can’t locate any suitable hairstyles. Hair will grow in parallel to the amount of time spent playing the game.

The southern portion of the island, where the most accessible terrain is, is the best place to spawn once you’ve finished setting up your character. Although this is true, there is still a possibility of deadly creatures lurking nearby, so keep a watch on the weather.

It will be more challenging to travel inland, and the difficulty will rise the further north you travel.

ark survival evolved character creation
The game’s character creation module is surprisingly fun.

#2. Temperature control

Running around in your underwear will get draughty in the old nether regions and elsewhere. Too much heat dehydrates you, while too much cold depletes your hunger.

It shouldn’t take long to unlock the Campfire if you start accumulating materials right away. A torch will keep you warm if you need to go further. If you get hot, locate some water to cool yourself.

You can eventually unlock armor engrams and invest points in Grit, which help you withstand bad weather. Before you leave the island to tackle Scorched Earth, you must spend points in your Fortitude stat.

Insulation is vital for both protection and temperature regulation. Some armor sets keep you cooler, while others keep you warmer.

You can’t just be running around in the sun, you know.

#3. Base construction

In both PvE and PvP, creating a haven is vital. It’s a stronghold for your dinosaur army, as well as a shelter from the elements and other gamers. You’ll need to build a few temporary shacks in less-than-ideal sites as you look for good real estate.

It is best to build a modest thatch shelter immediately. As you level up and explore more, you can gather resources to build stronger structures and scout better spots.

  • First, choose a quiet spot near the south beach, where you should spawn. Of course, you must be knowledgeable of the local fauna. Wildlife is beneficial but stay away from dangerous animals.
  • Press and hold the interact button and select demolish if you accidentally place a structure.
  • Next, set up a Storage Box for supplies and a sleeping bag as a respawn point in your home.
  • Until then, stick to thatch. Your resources will be sufficient to construct a new, stronger home.
Fancy bases can be a huge ego statement, but remember that everyone starts off small.

#4. Beacons for loot

You’ll notice large beams of light dotting the landscape as you go about your daily business on the island. For them to work, you need to be at a certain level. There are materials, weapons, and blueprints inside. Higher-level containers hold better-grade things.

#5. Combat

You will start with a Spear. In addition to helping keep the dinosaurs at bay, they may also be thrown, so having a couple ready is recommended. As long as you don’t get hit by your enemies’ slingshots, you’ll survive.

You can use them to make an escape or get some severe stabbing in when you’re outmatched. Bolas are amazing for PvP in general, regardless of their comically mismatched effect on ferocious raptors as well.


Pay attention to your stamina. You can’t run without it. Make sure you have Stimberries for stamina and food for health in your hotkey bar. While the majority of the players stick to irritating grinding, hacks are also an option. You can gather more details about the game at

ARK: Survival Evolved is the most insanely irritating game to play since the release of the original Minecraft in 2010. On the other hand, beginning the game may prove to be challenging enough due to the numerous perils lurking around every bend. It follows that the absence of lessons can diminish the enjoyment.

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