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RTX 30 Series Supply Issues: Nvidia is the Villain?

This is the first time I’m doing something close to a rumor or hunch. 

You do know that Samsung makes the actual chips for Nvidia video cards, right? So, Samsung is primarily a smartphone manufacturer but has a few labs that produce more specialized electronics. One of those labs is what Nvidia transacts with. 

All that being said, Samsung literally put everything on the backburner when Nvidia gave them the order for the new 30 series (precisely, the 3000 series). They received a fat 65% discount on top of that. And even then, Nvidia only placed an order of what, some 20-50k chips in total? 

And now, Nvidia is backing away from a few models because supply is already low and the scalpers are a nightmare. 

It really questions the intentions of gaming hardware companies like Nvidia. AMD did put a lot of safeguards in place for its own sales, however. Not to mention going with a waiting queue. 

It’s all a game of learning. Let’s hope Nvidia doesn’t make the same mistake again and plans accordingly to have a better supply experience when the 4000 series launches later in the year.

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