Improve gaming FPS: Guide for better PC gaming in 2022

FPS, or frames per second, is the single most important consideration for gamers of all types. Achieving a higher FPS releases all those chemicals that I don’t know the name of but which excite you. Dopamine or some stuff. Reaching a new, higher consistent FPS after upgrading your hardware or optimizing something else is a high like no other. Let’s talk about reaching that new, higher consistent FPS.

Gamer’s guide to mining crypto: Here’s all you should know and more

First, welcome to the club! I started mining a couple years ago and have made plenty of profits out of it. All of the money has surprisingly vanished without improving my way of life, however (though I have higher framerates now). But that’s just me. Earl from our team also does mining. He’s been more passionately involved in mining and for way longer than me, close to 6 years now. Is he more qualified to write this piece? Who cares?