Update to Spearblade Publishing

We’re introducing some major changes in the way we publish content on Spearblade after taking some time off from researching and writing. We’ve compiled a list of all changes below that are useful for the average reader of our content:

  • The featured images will lose the red border going onward.
  • We’ll discontinue using tags as it’s an unnecessary hassle to manage and consolidate WordPress tags neatly to avoid repetition, while hardly anyone ever uses them to navigate around. If you did, we suggest you use the search box!
  • The design will be overhauled and we’ll stop using the default WordPress theme. To stay in pace with the rest of the world of online publishing, we will be adopting a “magazine-like” layout that focuses on content discovery while staying organized. Work has begun, but will take some time.
  • We figured that our supporting pages (for lack of a better term) such as about the team, editorial guidelines, or how we do what we do are quite lacking in depth. That will soon change. We have identified (learning from our peers) the proper way to publish gaming hardware, video games, and tech news while building trustworthiness in our brand, and we will be implementing these changes in the coming weeks with new pages and additional background information on existing pages.
  • More rigorous and consistent content has always been on our minds. With an influx of new contributors and a more streamlined model using productivity apps (we never used any before, can you imagine that!), we’re looking forward to better research and content as well as more consistent publishing and comprehensive coverage of key topics.
  • Headings including article titles and subheadings will be in Camel Case. We can’t edit all subheadings in the previous articles, but we’ll edit all article titles to synergize things.

For the most part, we’ll leave the older articles untouched. So, if you browse an old article, you will still find traces of our old design. We think this has sentimental value and can be used to chronicle the evolution of the brand one day.

Well, the main reason we’re leaving them untouched is that we’re a little short-handed, and editing nearly 300 articles and dozens of pages is not pretty, especially when nothing is “wrong,” per se, with them.

We hope these changes will improve the Spearblade resource further and make it a better place to get your gaming hardware scoop.

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