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Connection Options for a Multi-Screening Gaming Setup

Multi-screening was once closely associated with office work and data crunching, but with more people choosing to work from home, many are now sporting this setup for personal use as well. And for those who love to game, whether it is first-person shooters, online poker, or MMORPGs, it has opened up more options for an immersive experience.

Most modern games support multiscreen use. First-person shooter Black Mesa benefits from a wider field of vision, while Spider-Man: Miles Morales can be played with the game on one screen and the game’s wiki on another to help unlock secrets. A multi-monitor setup benefits every genre, really, from the latest AAA shooter to a now-obscure indie classic and from chess to poker. For example, if you’re an advanced poker player, you’ll know that much like other video games, this mental game requires the best equipment for you to gain the upper hand against your rivals. In this case, you can utilize one screen to house your gaming lobby, and view your poker tracker on the other. This increases the chances of productivity and success at the table.

For gamers who are new to the multiscreen arrangement, setting it up may seem a little intimidating at first, especially when it comes to all the connection options available. The good news is that the vast array of choices also makes them relatively easy to find, and most of them are inexpensive depending on the quality that you want to achieve. In this feature, we’re highlighting three of the more popular choices for connectivity, some of the best models for beginners, and their benefits for gamers everywhere.

VGA Cable: DTech 5 Feet Cable

Example VGA cable.

VGA Cables have become the widely recognized standard way of connecting computers to monitors, they’re frequently found in office and regular home desktop PC setups. These ‘standard’ cables have continued to give a reliable, stable connection since they were introduced in the ’80s. The DTech 5 Feet Cable provides a reliable connection that’s suitable for gaming, editing, and even watching videos in Full HD resolution. It’s also quite durable, with nickel-plated connectors which are corrosion-resistant. It also features a black outer covering that’s built for heavy usage. The Benfei DisplayPort to VGA Cable is also a fantastic choice for first-time users— its installation doesn’t require any software, and it’s able to deliver high FPS gameplay quality graphics.

Amazon link.

HDMI Cable: AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI

Example HDMI cable.

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is something that many people will be familiar with, after all, it’s what connects your cable box to your TV. Also, this connection is prevalent in many home computers and laptops, meaning that it’s easily accessible without the need for an extra graphics card/output, which makes HDMI a solid choice for casual gamers. The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI is a well-known cheap option that works great for most setups, but you can also go for the pricier Belkin HDMI 2.1 for its impressive 48Gbps transfer speed and 10k resolution capacity. It’s also a brand that’s worth investing in if you want an HDMI cable that’ll last you a long time. For competitive players, it’s best to go for higher quality HDMI to achieve the best speed and clarity of the image.

Amazon link: 18Gbps, 4K@60Hz | 48Gpbs, 8K@60Hz.

DisplayPort Cable: Capshi 8k DP Cable

Example DP cable.

DisplayPorts have become the standard for most modern monitors. This technology is more likely to be used by players who are looking for the most realistic gaming experience — be it a racing fan on a motor racing sim, or a budding pilot who loves a flight simulator and wants to see more of the horizon. The premium pick is the Capshi 8k DP Cable, which comes in a wide variety of refresh rates, and combines durability, performance, and style. It’s also highly reviewed for being wrapped in a double nylon braided cable, which improves its durability and transmission ability. The Rankie DisplayPort 1.4 comes in a close second, as it has high compatibility and can also support 4K resolutions. It only comes in two length options, however, which can limit some gamers when it comes to their setups.

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With the wealth of options available when it comes to connectivity, this just demonstrates that you don’t have to go all-in to get the best experience. You can simply choose the best to meet your needs. The above connections are used for laptops too, allowing users to connect to an extra display without the need to purchase a new computer to do so.

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