Author: Earl "sloth" Richards

Earl is a big-time FPS lover. Since his childhood, he has found peace amid the sounds of bullets and explosions. Currently a Legendary Eagle Master in CS:GO, he fails to believe anything can be superior to his beloved title (except, of course, being a Supreme Master First Glass or a Global Elite). He’s recently got his shooting skills more versatile by becoming quite the professional in Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch as well.
rtx 2080 ti water block

Water Cooling Block for RTX 2080 Ti

The 2080 Ti is a rockstar. No wonder a lot of gamers still use one. The 30-series might have its bells and whistles, but the 2080 Ti is a true powerhouse. As such, it’s also a heat production machine. Is air cooling not sufficient for your needs? Well then, fret not. Let’s go over the water cooling blocks for RTX 2080 Ti that are properly tested to work wonders.