Author: Carolyn Smith

Carolyn, otherwise known as "0lyn" informally, is a backseat gamer. She'd rather teach someone how they missed an opportunity or how to better pace through a game than play the game herself. It's not the fear of the collapse of her authority, one that she's made after countless hours, she affirms.

Improve Gaming FPS: Guide for Better PC Gaming

FPS, or frames per second, is the single most important consideration for gamers of all types. Achieving a higher FPS releases all those chemicals that I don’t know the name of but which excite you. Dopamine or some stuff. Reaching a new, higher consistent FPS after upgrading your hardware or optimizing something else is a high like no other. Let’s talk about reaching that new, higher consistent FPS.
gpu mining

Gamer’s Guide to Mining Crypto: All you Should Know & More

First, welcome to the club! I started mining a couple years ago and have made plenty of profits out of it. All of the money has surprisingly vanished without improving my way of life, however (though I have higher framerates now). But that’s just me. Earl from our team also does mining. He’s been more passionately involved in mining and for way longer than me, close to 6 years now. Is he more qualified to write this piece? Who cares?

Gamer’s Guide to BIOS Settings

A gamer’s bread and butter is generally considered to be talk about the latest games, FPS, and GPUs. However, it’s not rare to find hardcore gamers debating over minute system details and hardware nuances. The refined gamer knows the computer system and what makes it run to near perfection. BIOS settings are not for the faint-hearted, the gamer who has never tinkered around beyond the usual in-game settings and GPU control panel settings.