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Gamer’s Guide to BIOS Settings

A gamer’s bread and butter is generally considered to be talk about the latest games, FPS, and GPUs. However, it’s not rare to find hardcore gamers debating over minute system details and hardware nuances. The refined gamer knows the computer system and what makes it run to near perfection. BIOS settings are not for the faint-hearted, the gamer who has never tinkered around beyond the usual in-game settings and GPU control panel settings.
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What FPS is the Best for Gaming?

“May our PCs be cooler, and the framerates higher.” – all PC gamers in unison. It’s indeed the wet dream of any PC gamer to have considerably higher FPS or framerate. 60 FPS gamers want to reach 144. 144 FPS gamers want to graduate to 250+. And all sorts of other FPS brackets in between too. All in all, there’s much talk about FPS and how much of it is necessary or good for PC gaming. That’s what we’ll talk about today.