Gaming components

AMD RX 6400 Review: Trash? Or the need of the hour?

Why does this thing have a shroud?

Gaming monitors

4K gaming monitors: Best options for a budget gaming setup

Is four-kay okay for a budget PC? How much should I pay for those almost 4,000 pixels?

Gaming computers

Building a cheap gaming PC: 1080p 60FPS in $500-740 in 2023 (for beginners)

We’ll build a sub-$1000 PC in this article. Including the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset, you’re looking at a cost of $700 (fully used) to $1,100 (fully new). You can also mix and match, so the total cost will be under $1,100 in most cases. There are also additional tips to bring down the cost further, taking you to $740 max.